"Keeping children safe by exposing  residential treatment centers/private boarding schools and their continued abuse against the children in their care."


      World Wide Association Of Specialty Programs

W.W.A.S.P. is a known umbrella corporation of boarding schools for troubled youth. In this section all W.W.A.S.P. linked facilities will be listed along with staff and the facilities they have/ are working at. We will also have a link to an on-going lawsuit that W.W.A.S.P. is involved in.
Here we list all facilities in connection with W.W.A.S.P. We will include closed facilities and reasons for their shut down. We recommend that no parent send their child to one of these facilities. With their track record, W.W.A.S.P. facilities are not safe for children and will cause your child more harm instead of helping them, as they state. If you hear of any facilities that you feel could possibly be in league with W.W.A.S.P. please contact us immediately. We will research your concerns and find any possible link between a facility and W.W.A.S.P.

                         CLOSED FACILITIES

Bell Academy -
Shut down in 2003 after issues with state Social Services

Bethel Academy -
Shut down in February 2005 after state officials investigate reports of abuse

Brightway Hospital -
Closed in 1998 by authorities for providing inadequate care and abuse

Casa By The Sea -
Investigated and shut down by the Mexican government after allegations of abuse; raided by Mexican authorities on Sept. 10, 2004)

Carolina Springs Academy - Was opened by Narvin Lichfield in 1998 and closed in April 2009 when its license was revoked due to lack of compliance with licensing regulation

Darrington Academy -
Closed in March 2009; 90 students were enrolled at the time of closure.  School director Richard Darrington was arrested in May 2009 and charged with battery of two students at the school.

Dundee Ranch - Raided by authorities on May 22, 2003 after an investigation into child abuse

High Impact - Investigated and shut down by the Mexican government after allegations of abuse

Ivy Ridge Academy - Closed in early 2009 due to accreditation issues

Mentor School - closed by Costa Rican child welfare authorities on March 18, 2011, following complaints of abuse by parents of enrollees. At the time of closure, it was reported that the program had not been licensed by Costa Rican authorities. Officials who visited the facility reported that "physical, psychological and verbal mistreatment" were "apparent."

Morava Academy - Opened in 1998 and closed later that year when Czech police arrested its managers (Glenda and Steven Roach, former police officers from Utah) and charged them with child torture

Cove -
Shut down by Samoan authorities because an investigation determined credible allegations of abuse

Royal George Academy - Closed in October 2008

Spring Creek Lodge -
Operated from the late 1970s until January 9, 2009

Sunrise Beach - Raided and closed by Mexican authorities in 1996 over abuse

Sky View Christian Academy - closed abruptly in 2007 after a hazing incident

Tranquility Bay - Subject of several documentaries detailing severe abuse; closed in January 2009

Cross Creek Manor/Youth Foundation - Closed suddenly in 2013, one of the longest running WWASP facilities. Has had countless allegations of abuse.

Gulf Coast Academy - Formerly Eagles Point Christian Academy, Bethel Girls' Academy and Bethel Boys Academy. Shut down 2011.

Horizon Academy - Origainally located in Nevada, shut down after being located in the former Cross Creek Manor building in Utah.

Midwest Academy - Shut down in early 2016. located in Keokuk Iowa

                               OPEN FACILITIES


Old West Academy
- Formerly Majestic Ranch Academy

Pillars of Hope - Countless allegations of abuse

Red River Academy

Sunset Bay Academy - E
stablished in 2008 as Oceanside Teen Center; the institution states that it subcontracted with WWASP in 2008, but ended the contractual relationship in April 2009. Due to evidence it is believed that Sunset Bay Academy is still contracting with WWASP because of the overwhelming evidence of how they run their facility.

In this section we will be explaining the relations of staff members and where they are or have worked within the Troubled Teen Industry. Along with the possible destruction that have followed their careers within programs


Robert Lichfield - Started working in the Troubled Teen Industry at Provo Canyon, which is notoriously abusive to children. He left Provo Canyon and started WWASP with David Gilcrease who was with LifeSprings Seminars. With the help of David, Robert was able to begin the umbrella corporation known as W.W.A.S.P. or World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools. 


Robert Walter Lichfield (Robbie) - In 2010 Robbie's father, Robert Lichfield, gave Robbie control of a facility in Costa Rica named Teen Mentor. Teen Mentor was shut down in 2011 after countless complaints of child abuse.


Narvin Lichfield - Brother to Robert Lichfield, Narvin first came into WWASP by starting Carolina Springs Academy. Narvin Lichfield has controlled and started numerous facilities, most of which have been shut down due to child abuse and torture.


Ken Kay - Started as a night staff at Brightway Adolescents Hospital and was bumped up to director of the facility until it shut down in 1998. Ken Kay is now the Vice President of WWASP. 


Jay Kay - Jay started working in the Industry at Brightway Adolescents Hospital underneath his father, in the position of security guard. Jay was given the position of director at Tranquility Bay in Jamaica until its shut down in 2009. Jay has admitted to pepper spraying children in his care at Tranquility Bay.


Ben Trane - Ben Trane got his start with WWASP while working at Cross Creek Manor. While he knew the Lichfields because he was friends and went to high school with the Lichfield sons, at 17 he officially started his career in the Troubled Teen Industry. After some time he was transferred to run the facility Midwest Academy, and still currently is director of the facility. There have been countless claims of abuse from this facility.


Jade Robinson - Started as staff at Spring Creek Lodge but left the facility to start a facility in Mexico known as Casa By The Sea. Jade has countless allegations of abuse against him. He currently works with Youth Foundations Inc, formerly Horizons Academy, a WWASP organization.

Karr Farnsworth - Was a previous President of WWASP, currently working at Cross Creek Manor as administrator. Karr got his start in the industry while working with Robert Lichfield at Provo Canyon.
J. Ralph Atkin - Atkin is a trustee of WWASP and is also their legal representation. His name is on many forms for representing WWASP.



Our job is to inform parents and the public about what is happening behind the walls in these types of programs. Below you will find a link to a pending lawsuit against W.W.A.S.P. for countless allegations of abuse including, but not limited to, Physical, Sexual, and Emotional abuse. Being denied bathroom privileges which result in the child urinating on themselves. Death and suicide. Lack of shower privileges. Not sending out mail. Being denied food, water, and sleep, etc.